Ugur Ister

Creative mind, free thinker, dreamer, maker.

I am interested in many fields, art, animation, films, games and other interactive things, AI and a lot more.

Currently i do lots of things with more gameplay/interaction focus, but i also have many ideas what one can do story telling wise or in other areas in the near future and i believe with AR, VR and AI and overall there will be so much more possible over the next few years, so that not only our games, series, movies, /stories can become, feel and be experienced in so different ways, but also our whole societal living (together) will be changed so much, that it's just exciting to be part of that.

Let me know if you’d like to talk about something interesting.

  • Worldy Cup

    Worldy Cup

        Now on Steam in Early Access!   Retro futuristic arcade football. In VR. It’s like you’re inside...

  • Tiggly Counts

    A new way to learn math using counting toys with custom made tablet apps

    My role: worked as Lead Software Engineer heavily on the code side of all 3 Tiggly Counts Apps.

  • Horse Racing Simulation

    realtime 3D visualisations and application content

    Worked on lots of modules including a race viewer allowing to watch the races and for race recordings scrub…

  • Polarity
  • Monster Trucks Unleashed